Our team embraces construction technology to the fullest and are constantly challenging ourselves to push the limits of its use for our industry. Our team members are not casual users of today’s available technology. We are power users of our systems and often far ahead of the pack when it comes to implementing and using the systems as well as helping developers enhance their systems.


We have proudly implemented Procore, a mobile and collaborative all-in-one cloud based platform built to streamline construction project management. Procore allows the Cardella Team to collaborate directly with Owner’s and Designers to share project information, streamline approvals, and provide up-to-date project information in real-time. Processes that used to take weeks (RFIs, Submittals, etc) can now take place in a matter of days or hours, vastly increasing project efficiency and ensuring that project information does not become a schedule delay. Owner’s and Designers are given their own Procore credentials and project access, which allows them to log-in and see accurate project information at a given time throughout the life of the project.

Mobile Tech Stations

Welcome to the Cardella Construction Mobile Tech Station (MTS) and the ZERO paper project site! Say goodbye to outdated drawings in the field and costly mistakes or delayed information! We have developed our own proprietary technology station which comes equipped with our Procore software, video display and tablet and much more. Our MTS’s are deployed on each project to help the entire team gain access to the latest and greatest information at all times. Our clients, subs and design partners love our power user status of managing our projects electronically. Our MTS’s are equipped with Procore so that information is instantaneously delivered to the jobsites, ensuring that the project team is always working off of the most recent set of project documentation. This helps prevent costly errors which can occur when relying on paper information to make it to the field.

Building Informational Modeling

Our team utilizes BIM to better coordinate and execute our projects. Whether it’s utilizing the project REVIT model to assist with design / field coordination, extracting quantities directly from the model to facilitate the preconstruction process, creating a quick drawing in sketch-up to clarify a field condition, or performing high definition scanning (HDS) to overlay with 3D modeling for collision detection, our team has experience with it all. We appreciate the efficiencies that can be created when a team embraces a collaborative and coordinated 3D design and are happy to assist in any way to create that reality.

Drone Technology

Our team deploys drone technology on our new construction projects to help gather aerial site intelligence in real time. Drone technology on a project site helps us survey projects and document them in ways that were not always possible.


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We work with our clients collectively from inception to occupancy on our construction projects. Our role in our client’s projects requires Cardella Construction to be well-versed in all aspects of the design, construction and operation of any given facility.

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