Cardella Construction Company is a 2nd generation, family-owned General Contracting firm providing services nationwide and headquartered in the State of Florida. Our team’s foundation was built on the tradition of true, old-world builder expertise, and is enhanced by leveraging today’s latest construction technology.

The Cardella Way is where the old meets new, where integrity is never compromised, and where hard-work and dedication is our way of life. Through these core values, we provide an unmatched level of service and we are proud to be the best our clients have ever worked with.

Our leadership team’s experience includes projects ranging from large-scale land development, to high-rise commercial construction for Blue-Chip and Fortune 100/500 companies, to ultra-complex renovations and much more. Our level of expertise matched with our Owner/Operator structure gives us the capability to attack complex project challenges while maintaining competitive costs. As a mid-sized firm with large firm capabilities, Cardella Construction has the flexibility to structure our project delivery methods in ways that service each client uniquely.

Cardella Construction Company believes incredible accomplishments come from selfless teamwork. Our track-record for supporting our projects, clients, design teams and subcontractors is a testament to that. We create a strong team-based atmosphere on all projects, and we make it our duty to ensure our partners success before ours.

Leadership Team

Justin Frank
Executive Vice President

Justin’s experience has gained him a powerful and unique skill set for our industry. Justin has managed preconstruction, construction and innovation for both large and small general contracting firms. He has experience in projects ranging from ground-up cast-in-place structures, data centers, sports stadiums, hospitality, complex interiors, and more. Justin has also played a leading role in collaborating with industry leading software firms and has become a an expert in construction innovation and how it will pave the way for a brighter future in construction. As executive vice president, Justin manages daily project and company operations for the company. Justin has a focus on the development and execution of processes and procedures as well as leading company training and development initiatives.

Justin holds a B.S. in construction science and management from Clemson University and is a LEED accredited professional for building construction and design. A native of Chapin, SC, Justin currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Andy Cardella
General Superintendent

Andy’s experience in construction is built from the ground-up, truly. Born in Sicily, under a generation of master masons, Andy proudly brought his passion for the trade to the United States in 1972. Andy laid the foundation of this firm with a few simple principles; unyielding work ethic, hard-lined integrity, and a “make it happen no matter what” attitude. Andy represents the true builder and inspires all teammates, internal and external, to always push to make more happen regardless of the challenges.

Andy shares his knowledge and experience across all our company’s projects and project teams. Our clients and teams rely on Andy to provide forward thinking solutions to challenges as well as add that extra push to get it done. Teams love Andy’s genuine character and straight-forward attitude.

Francesco Cardella

As president of Cardella Construction, Frank Cardella focuses on team leadership, development and overall direction. His focus is to grow and maintain an exciting and positive atmosphere for both our internal and external teams. Frank is passionate about pursuing clients who want a better construction experience and are excited about Cardella Construction’s one-of-a-kind effort. Frank also plays a large role in our planning and preconstruction services where he ensures projects are set-up to be successful from the start.

Frank is a certified General Contractor with licensing credential across the United States. His background in construction is large-scale commercial construction where he spent most of his career managing projects for an ENR Top 10 General Contractor on mission critical facilities, high-rises and other complex project types.


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We work with our clients collectively from inception to occupancy on our construction projects. Our role in our client’s projects requires Cardella Construction to be well-versed in all aspects of the design, construction and operation of any given facility.

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