Who We Are

Cardella Construction Company is a 2nd generation, family-owned General Contracting firm providing nationwide services and headquartered in the State of Florida. Our team's foundation was built on the tradition of true, old-world builder expertise, and is enhanced by leveraging today's latest construction technology.

We are where the old meets new, where integrity is never compromised, and where hard-work and dedication is our way of life. Through these core values, we provide an unmatched level of service and we are proud to be the best our clients have ever worked with.

Leadership Team

Cardella Construction Company believes in family and teamwork. Our team approach to projects, clients, design teams and subcontractors is a testament to that fact. We create a team-based atmosphere on all projects, and we make it our duty to ensure all those associated with a project are successful.

Andy Cardella: Company President: Andy's experience in construction is built from the ground-up. Born in Sicily, under a generation of master masons, Andy proudly brought his passion for the trade to the United States in 1972. He has built his firm on a few simple principles; unyielding work ethic, hard-lined integrity, and a “make it happen no matter what” attitude. Andy represents the true builder.

Francesco Cardella: Executive Vice President: With his family born in the construction trade, Francesco's exposure to construction was also grass-roots. Educated in the field from a young age, Francesco then elevated his understanding of the industry by pursuing a Construction Science and Management degree at Clemson University. In addition to this, he received his Unlimited General Contractor's license in the State of Florida, and has gone on to become eligible for licensing in all 50 states. Francesco's background is large-scale commercial construction where he spent most of his career managing projects for an ENR Top 20 General Contractor on mission critical facilities, high-rises and other complex project types. His experience and understanding of today's best available technology has enabled Francesco to mix new ideas with old-school builder expertise for an unbeatable combination.


Our history begins where all true general contractors should begin... in the field.

Andy Cardella

Andy Cardella comes from a lineage of master masons. Andy's history in constructed began by working under his father in Sicily. In 1972, Andy arrived in Detroit, MI where he continued his trade in masonry and concrete construction.


A Small Company

In 1998, Andy begins a small construction, service, and maintenance company.


Larger Scale Projects

By 2002, the company graduates to larger scale commercial construction projects, offering build-to-suit capabilities and industrial construction services.


Second Generation

In 2011, Francesco joins the team in the Orlando office. Under Francesco's direction, the company transforms preconstruction and operations to support our client's larger and more complex projects as well as oversee growth and development opportunities.


National Level

Cardella Construction begins to support clients on a national level, completing projects in NY, VA, GA, SC, NC, and AZ while opening satellite offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Salt Lake City, UT.


Re-Branding Image

CCC undergoes a rebranding phase to better reflect its passion for the company and vision for the future.


CCC Celebrates 90% Repeat Business

CCC reaches 90% repeat business with client base.


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